1. Question: Why can't we ship an 11x15 pan nor a 9x9 pan?


    Answer: We can not ship pans that size due to their sizes and cost. If we ship pans that size and they begin to thaw out              during transportation, they will no longer be intact once they arrive to you.  


    Solution: Order smaller size pans that equal out to the quantity you'd like. Contact us and we can help you figure out the              size pans that you would need.   

2. Question: If I do want to have my order shipped, when would I need to order?


     Answer: We have suspended all shipping until further notice

3. Question: Do you have a physical store location?

    Answer: COMING SOON!

4. Question: What are your delivery hours?

    Answer: Our delivery hours are from 11am-8pm EST. Any other requested hours would be for business and catering orders          only. Deliveries are only available for orders over $25 at this time.